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The Suisaku Pro Hose series has sold over 350 million units. To show our appreciation for your patronage over the years, we have prepared some original merchandise by illustrator "acco," who is a huge aquarium enthusiast.
Visit Suisaku's Instagram or X, fill out the application form, follow Instagram or X, and give the post a "Like" to win a chance to win a T-shirt or a QUO card with an original design by "acco"! In addition, all those who are not selected in the lottery will receive an original key chain with an original design by "acco"! Please take this opportunity to follow Suisaku's SNS!

Original QUO card
(Face value: 500 yen)
By lottery20To the person

To all those who missed out in the lottery
An original keychain by acco

Original illustration by acco
Designer T-shirts
By lottery10people


I am an illustrator who loves aquariums. I express life with aquariums and aquariums through my beloved illustrations. I am working to spread the world of this wonderful hobby.
My interest in bottle aquariums (balanced aquariums), which are aquariums that create a small ecosystem, sparked my passion for this hobby. Creating a small ecosystem in a glass container, and living with an aquarium. It's not just a healing process, it's a process that leads to an understanding of one's inner self. It also gives me a real sense of understanding and respect for diverse communities, and love for the natural environment of the Earth. With the philosophy in mind that "the small nature of an aquarium in one's room can be a bridge to the vast nature outside," I mainly draw aquarium illustrations.

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Please follow us on Instagram or the official X Suisaku account and like this post!

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Complete your application by entering your shipping address and other details in the registration form below.

Application guidelines

Application period Friday, July 2024, 7 - Thursday, August 5, 2024 8:15
Present contents ・Prohorse original T-shirt (L size, 10 winners)
・Suisaku QUO card (500 yen, 20 winners)
・Pro Horse original keychain (for all those who were not selected in the lottery)
Winning announcement The winners will be notified about the prizes in early September.

Registration Form

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    The information you enter will be used for ourPrivacy PolicyWe will handle it based on the above.


    • The announcement will be made when the prizes are shipped.
    • The winning rights cannot be transferred to a third party, resold, or pawned.
    • Please note that you must be following Suisaku's account at the time of the lottery, so please do not unfollow.
    • Please note that those who have their profile set to private will not be eligible to apply.
    • Please note that if the address you entered on the registration form is incorrect, or if you are unable to receive the prize due to absence, your prize will be void.
    • Prizes will only be shipped within Japan.
    • For information on how we handle personal information, please see the privacy policy on the Suisaku Co., Ltd. website.
    • The Suisaku Campaign may be changed or canceled without notice at the discretion of the Suisaku Campaign Office.
    • This campaign is not sponsored or organized by Instagram・X.

    Please be aware that there have been many cases of fake accounts following you and sending DMs claiming to win recently.
    During the campaign period, we will not follow or send DMs from this account.
    Regardless of the campaign period, we will never ask for your credit card information.

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