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Suisaku bottom filter R

□Product specifications
Part Number Suisaku bottom filter R
JAN code 4974105002763
Suggested retail price 1,320 yen (tax included)
Remarks air lift type
Compatible aquarium: For small aquariums (10L or less)
Discharge air amount: 600~1,000cc/min
1 set of round plate, XNUMX set of slide pipe, discharge port (R type, N type), lock pin for eight cores

Please connect this product with an air pump and air tube (sold separately) and bury it in the sand.

Ideal for bottle aquariums and goldfish and medaka pots!!

This air-lift bottom filter is ideal for bottle aquariums, small goldfish, and medaka because it uses a special outlet that disperses water flow 360° and does not generate strong water flow even in small containers.

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