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submersible pump type

Space Power Fit Series / Suisaku Eight Bridge Free / Suisaku Eight Drive
*Please have the instruction manual handy and check the following.

The submersible pump does not work/water does not flow/there is an abnormal noise
  • Is the power plug unplugged? (How to set)
  • Is the impeller of the power head (motor head) clogged with dirt? (Daily care)
    → Check that there is no dirt, limescale, or slime accumulated in the impeller section or the hole where the impeller is inserted. If there is any buildup, please clean it.
  • Is the flow rate adjustment knob set to the minimum setting?
    →Turn the flow rate adjustment knob. It reaches its maximum when the convex part faces the discharge port.
  • Is the water level in the aquarium too low? (How to set)
    →If the water level is below the lowest water level line, water may not come up. Add water until the water level is above the minimum water mark.
  • Are the replacement filter media or sponge clogged? (Daily care)
    →Replacement Please wash or replace the filter media and pre-filter sponge regularly. Dirt and clogging can cause a decline in purification function and poor water flow.
  • Air may be trapped in the impeller inside the pump.
    →Repeatedly plug and unplug the power plug.
  • The impeller may be damaged due to wear.
    →If wear or damage is confirmed, replace it.
  • The pump may be at the end of its service life.
    →Please replace it approximately every 1 to 18 months.

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