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Takashi Omika's Step Up Aquarium

Once you start an aquarium, you'll notice that you can keep a variety of fish and aquatic creatures. However, for beginners, they may not be able to take the next step because they do not know what species to choose or how to care for them. So, Omika, a writer with over 40 years of aquarium experience who is active in aquarium magazines and books, has picked out some recommended creatures! We will focus on slightly unusual species with unique colors, shapes, and ecology, and dig deeper into the key points of breeding and recommended breeding goods. Now, let's find the animal you want to keep next!

Photos and text: Takashi Omika
Omika Takashi

Born in Tochigi Prefecture. He graduated from Meiji University.
Fascinated by tropical fish since childhood, he worked in the editorial department of Monthly Aqualife (MPG), a magazine specializing in ornamental fish. After becoming independent, she worked as a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. While working on ``Monthly Aqua Life'' and ``Flower and Green Walker Aquarium PLUS'' (Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute), she also conducts fieldwork overseas, mainly in Southeast Asia. Recent publications and editors include “Introduction and Breeding Explanation of 164 Betta Breeds”, “Betta & Gourami His Labyrinth Fish Breeding Illustrated Guide”, “Book of Living with Leopard Geckos” (both published by MPG), “Betta2020”, “World Plants Report ex JAPAN” (both published) Fantasy World) and many more.

  • No. 7 Breeding of Orysias mekonensis

    Introduction This time, I would like to introduce the breeding of Orygias mekonensis (hereinafter referred to as Mekonensis), which I introduced last time. Mekonensis is an extremely small species of the same genus as Japanese killifish. Spawning is not difficult if the male and female are kept together, but the fry are very small...

  • No. 6 Orysias mekonensis

    Cooperation/Koji Yamazaki Introduction This time we will introduce a member of the medaka family, Orygias mekonensis (hereinafter referred to as Mekonensis). It belongs to the same genus Origias as the Japanese killifish, but it is an extremely small species with a total length of about 2 cm. A closer look at the charm and breeding of this adorable tiny medaka...

  • 5th Sunda Danio “Neon Blue”

    Cooperation: OFY Sagami, Hiroyuki Kiko (TEAM BORNEO) Introduction This time we will introduce an extremely small species of the genus Sundadanio, known by the name Rasbora axelorodii "Neon Blue". A member of the small carp family, there are also neon tetras and cardinal tetras...

  • No. 4 Chocolate Gourami

    Cooperation: OFY Sagami, Rio Introduction This time, I would like to introduce Chocolate Gourami (hereinafter referred to as Choco Gura). It's a rather silly idea to coincide with Valentine's Day, but when you raise them, you'll be surprised to find that they're actually quite lazy. Make sure to check beforehand...

  • 3rd Pervicachromis pulquere

    Cooperation: OFY Sagami Introduction This time we will introduce Pervicachromis pulcale (hereinafter referred to as pulcale). It is a representative species of the so-called dwarf cichlid, a small cichlid that lives in the rivers of West Africa. If it is easy to obtain and can be raised well, it will even breed...

  • 2nd Betta Wild Cross

    Cooperation: Koji Yamazaki, Riki Japan Introduction In the second installment of this series, let us introduce you to Betta's Wild Cross. I first became fascinated with bettas several decades ago when I was in elementary school. Speaking of betta, at that time it was called average betta or traditional betta, but what is now known as betta...

  • Part 1 Red Pencil Fish

    Cooperation: Aqua-F Tokyo Branch Introduction The first installment of the new series will focus on red pencil fish (hereinafter referred to as pencils). Just as this project was getting underway, the ornamental fish world was abuzz with big news. It was discovered in Peru, South America...

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